Top list of Pain on top of foot information from medicine student

Take serious with your top of foot pain

When pain on top of foot appear on your life, that mean you will lost most of your glad daily activities. I have seen a lot of my patients had top of foot pain, and their life will be affected, such as pain on walking, running, jumping, sleeping and a small touching. An old proverb states,“No hoof, no horse.” We can know foot pain is serious problem for both human and animal.foot care

May it is your first time foot pain at home, and you don’t know how to deal with them. I am a student of medicine, i like to share most common factors and symptoms to diagnose, and simple treatment will help you to relieve your pain at home.

Different foot pain and different treatment

Before your are going to understand the causes of pain, you must set apart from two conditions;

  • If your pain occurs as a result of another illness or disease, such as chronic complication of diabetes, chronic infectious arthritis and gout.
  • If it occurring painful, before you took heavily exercise or unaware habit , such as  long time working,  suddenly had long distance running, kick a door, falling down from chair, if you are women wearing high-heeled shoes, if you are runner wearing too tight and unfit-able sport shoes, superinfection from old wound.

Some conditions you may know causing your top foot pain

  1. Age: Old people metabolism slows down and the nutrient you are consuming go to waste. That is the reason old people are easily had osteoporosis, and osteoporosis is one main condition causing top foot pain such as foot joint pain, post-heel pain.

    The best way to prevent osteoporosis, 1). select food products that contains high level of calcium such as milk,carrot,black soya bean and so on. 2). proper exercise help enhance sleeping quality and nutrient absorb. 3). find few hours and lying in the sun everyday.

  2. Overuse: Overuse your feet for long distance work,carry on with over weighed for long time, force yourself intensive training. No matter what reason drive you overuse your feet, it is very necessary to relaxed your tired feet such as a foot massage, stretch at office or home by yourself.
  3. High_Heel footOthers:
  • Sprains(simple treatment: put ice on your wound and raise the foot);
  • your shoes not fit your feet or soles, do not budget on your shoes, it totally worth to invest a sport shoes or comfortable walking shoes, image it when your food injure, you are going to pay more than a pair of shoes;
  • Foot deformity as your born with such as flatfoot, since your know you are a flatfoot, do proper activities as you receptivity;

Some conditions you may don’t know, then you better to check out list below,

  1. ingrown toenail footParonychia: also cal “the ingrown toenail”, my personal had suffered for 2 months, because i was definitely afraid the painful which podiatrist had to cut away the whole nail with big horrible forceps. Finally, i decided to handle by myself, i need to change medicine every day and must cut ingrown portion daily. In period, the toe will not allow to touch water so as to affect the your wound.
    If you want curing faster, then you should accept podiatrist suggestion to have small operation in his office, but you can’t skip daily care until complete curing.To prevent Paronychia happen again, do not cut your toenail too short.
    Treatment summary: cut away- change medicine daily – be careful of superinfection
  2. TendonitisTendonitis: Tendons is a fibrous tissue which structure in your body connected from muscle and bone. Since you overuse, fibrous tear and injury, tendons become inflammation.
    Often happen, before you are going swimming, jumping, hurdle race,you did not do warm-up. Also tendonitis commonly happen in the 40-60 years old, because their tendons are not  strength and flexibility, if they are applying same force as younger people do.
    Treatment summary: reduce inflammation with ice applying- reduce swelling with compression bandage – take rest(sit and lying down) – reduce your inflammation and pain, elevate your foot over the waist.
    Once the swelling and pain gone, you are beginning to do some easy stretch day by day.
  3. Bunions footBunions: If you don’t know what bunions is? Bunions, a genetic condition in which the big toe joint becomes enlarged.If you are beautiful lady wearing high-heeled or very pointy shoes, Bunions is easily find on you.
    Same condition also can cause others foot pain problem such as “corns”, “calluses”, “hammertoe”, “Plantar fasciitis”.
    We all know women like beautiful, but you must make time to take care of your body, as i think health is the most important part of beautiful.
    Treatment:The best way to avoidance, wear the comfortable shoes,sometimes you can try walk by barefoot.
  4. Gout and Arthritis: gout is one type of arthritis. but you should set apart from rheumatoid arthritis. Gout is metabolic abnormality of purine disease. It is causing by over uric acid in the blood. If your blood have a lot of uric acid, it will form to crystal of uric acid in our foot joints.
    goutGout’s pain often attack in nighttime with red, swelling,tender on your big toe. As i remember my grandma had gout pain when i was a child. I personally saw that she was suffering from gout pain in the night.No sleep in whole night, even in the day time, it will last 2 days with medicine control.
    What is best way to prevent and treatment?
    If you do not get gout, prevention is requisite, do not eat too much high purine food such as seafood,meat,alcohol (especially beer), instead of drinking more water in result discharging crystal of uric acid from your body.
    If you already got gout in your life, you should see the doctor and doctor will prescribe medicine to control uric acid in your blood,and you should drink more water instead high purine food at home.
    √ As i mentioned above which named rheumatoid arthritis,it is immune system disease. This disease is not that simple with pain your feet, it will affect your daily life and your family.
     Early treatment and reduce joints damage is best way to go.
  5. Diabetic neuropathy footDiabetic neuropathy: it is damage nerves cause your pain of top of foot, sometimes along with burning pain. According To Statistics,there are 15% of diabetic patients causing diabetic pain disease and 10%-15% of them must need a amputation, even that there are high number of death rate.
    Treatment: early diagnosis, early treatment. whatever more earlier, more better with diabetic foot disease.

All in all, I already tossed quite a number of reasons for you to take care of your foot. Pain on top of foot is not only suffering from the pain, but also affecting your health life. If foot pain is occurred at home, don’t worry, check out the list as i list. Do simple treatment and see the doctor.

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